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Title: Growth Building Not Growth Hacking

So many Growth Hackers have One Simple Trick for doing the one thing business owners think will solve all their problems.

It’s the “If Only” problem:

    • If only we had a solid social media game
    • If only we had a solid marketing plan
    • If only we had a solid finance structure
    • If only we had a solid time management system
    • If only we had a solid content management program
    • If only…

Any one of those is great but all of them are necessary for a company to get back to making great strides. Jim describes an approach that gets companies past their growth slump by helping people.
In this session, learn how to:

    • Identify what needs to be done
    • Sequence those things in the proper order
    • Assign responsibility to ensure completion
    • Own the whole process to create a virtuous cycle
    • And much more

Jim Sterne sold business computers here in Santa Barbara to companies that had never owned one in the 1980’s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, founded a conference (Marketing Analytics Summit) and a professional association (Digital Analytics Association) in the 2000’s, keynoted worldwide and wrote his twelfth book on online marketing (Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications) in the 2010’s, and is now helping companies get more value from data, and helping small and medium-sized agencies achieve scale at speed with


Thursday, September 9, 2021
8:15am – Zoom meeting starts
8:30 to 10:00 a.m. – Presentation
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