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“Employee Development: Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go”

Growing and developing your team (aka you and your employees) is critical to overall growth and success, but where do you start and what are the best practices and methods? Steve and Sara Caputo will share their direct experience in team growth and development, some of the best methods for growth, and give you some real-life metaphors to have an experience when we are together. With over 40 years combined experience they work shoulder-to-shoulder with all layers of team members from top to bottom and side to side.  If you are interested in growing your team members in 2024 this is the breakfast to attend!
Sara Caputo, MA works with individuals, teams and small businesses to transform how they navigate workplace effectiveness. She’s part workflow analyst, part stress-relief therapist, and 100 percent to-do list ninja!  Her approach is simple-to help people find strategies and solutions that work specifically for their brains, their goals and their lives.
She is the founder of Sara Caputo Consulting–a coaching, consulting and training business based in Santa Barbara, California- Sara has a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Antioch University. As a nationally-recognized expert in her field her work has been featured in Working Woman, Success, and Forbes, along with regular contributions of her Simply 805 column in the Independent. Sara uses Strengthsfinder to help individuals, teams and leaders navigate their days with more ease and joy!
Her top 5 Strengths are:  Discipline, Responsibility, Relator, Developer and Input. You can find out more about Sara at
Steve Caputo, MA is a dynamic and creative management professional with over twenty-five years of experience offering organizational development, corporate training, team building, facilitation, and workplace coaching. Steve also brings knowledge and experience in strategic planning, project management, supervision, and problem-solving using an open systems approach.
Steve’s a connector and his passion and life mission is to help people grow and learn.  Sometimes that happens in big groups, other times it is one-to-one.  Steve’s effective leadership style is based upon inquiry, coaching and facilitative learning. He uses his creativity to find solutions and connect thoughts and ideas to help grow organizations.  All of this work has blossomed through partnerships and inclusion that help him grow and learn as well.  He continues to grow his knowledge and loves to watch the ah-ha moments happen as people begin to connect the dots.
Top 5 Gallup Clifton Strengths:
Positivity | Maximizer | Developer | Futuristic | Connectedness
Thursday, February 8, 2024
8:15 am – 10:00 am
The University Club
1332 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA
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Attendees – $35, and $40 when you pay at the door
Sponsors & their guests – No cost
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